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Bio’s are like obituaries except awkwardly written by the still breathing subject in the third-person. Let’s try something different…My name is Eric. I am obsessed with all things music and have been as far back as I can remember. My journey began with a trumpet borrowed from my grandfather. Noticing a lack of trumpet in the record collection I was curating I purchased a junky acoustic guitar at a local flea market. This led to countless self-taught hours learning how to play guitar and bass. This became a fixation and my only care in the world. Why focus and get respectable grades in chemistry class when you can be memorizing the notes of the fretboard? With a guitar in my hands, nothing else mattered and time management was a forgotten concept. There was an internal fire constantly burning and pushing to get to the next level. This led to a gig on a cruise ship, a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, and eventually finding a home in New York. My professional experience includes everything from bar gigs co-starring the weekly hockey game to cross-country indie tours stuffed in a cramped van to backing up Grammy and Juno (Canadian Grammy) award-winning artists. The genres are equally diverse as the gigs; folk/singer-songwriter, rock, top 40, r&b, country, and jazz just to name a few. Like everyone else, March 2020 represented a seismic change to life as I knew it. No longer able to tour and play around the city, music production became an escape from our anxiety-riddled reality. I had recorded on numerous albums in the past but this was the first time trying to handle the technical side of things and it was invigorating! I could obsess over mic placement, room acoustics, and which preamp and compressor sound best. It was like being back in high school in my parent's basement teaching myself how to play the guitar. A new journey has begun but that musical fire that was lit so long ago burns as strong as ever. Let’s get together, talk about the music that shaped us and create something that inspires others.



  • Tours and recording with Peak

  • Performed with Grammy Award winner David Clayton Thomas (Blood, Sweat and Tears)

  • Performed with Juno Award winning songwriter Tom Wilson

  • Performed with Juno Award winning songwriter Ian Thomas

  • Performed with Dave Clark of the Rheostatics

  • Eastern Canada Tour with Matthew De Zoete 2012

  • Performed with former Blood Sweat and Tears sax player Darcy Hepner and guitarist Gregg Sullivan

  • Session work as bassist for commercial jingles including Air Miles, LCBO and other television spots

  • Appeared on albums by: Peak, Justin Sawicki, Kirby and Max Wray

  • Gigs with Oakland Soul (Tower of Power Tribute)

  • Played at Gillette Stadium



Kyle Tigges - Morning, Morning (2020)
Rookin - Songs from Home (2020)
Half/Brother - Tommy (2021), Second Avenue (2020)
Peak - Electric Bouquet (2018)
Kirby - Self Titled (2016)
Max Wray - Self Titled (2014)
Justin Sawicki - Self Titled (2015), Nothing for No One (2011)
Mcalister Drive - The Goddess (2012)
Radio and television commercial jingles including Air Miles, LCBO, Sears



Berklee College of Music, Boston, MA                                                                                                                  

  • Bachelor of Music – Performance

  • Performance Division – Bass Department Award for Outstanding Musicianship

  • World Scholarship and Berklee Achievement Scholarship Recipient

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude

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